van dyke parks: child star (oh_wanderlust) wrote,
van dyke parks: child star

top 20 beatles recordings...

So, I was asked my top 10 20 beatles recordings [Download, for those of you who aren't beatles fans], which is ridiculous, but I came to a decision w/o thinking too much, because if i did think about it then I'd never come to a conclusion.. so, here they are:

01 Besame Mucho
02 Helter Skelter
03 Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey
04 She's a Woman ( i didn't have the proper version of this available, and I'd actually pick a live version of it here but still it will do)
05 Honey Pie
06 For No One
07 Blackbird
08 Mother Nature's Son
09 Rocky Racoon
10 Across the Universe (past masters version)
11 Rain
12 I am the Walrus
13 Strawberry Fields Forever
14 It's All Too Much
15 Tommorow Never Knows
16 Paperback Writer
17 Penny Lane * Def. my favorite by a long shot.
18 Fixing a Hole
19 Let it Be
20 A Day in the Life

Also, "I'll follow the sun" and "I'll be back" and "hey jude" get honorable mentions.. eh this was difficult. I didn't have "I'll follow the sun" with me, so I figured it would just be easier to leave it off, even though it would probably have made the top 10. I think I didn't put "hey jude" because I hear it all the time, paul plays it in every concert video I get / concert cd I get.. so that's maybe what happened there, since it was at first my fav. beatles track.
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