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So, I met Pete Best and he was a very shy and timid fellow... just like in interviews. He was really nice though and his band's great. They do the early Beatles stuff. I was very pleased that they did Besame Mucho and Kansas City/Hey! Hey! Hey!. Plus they did One after 909, twist and shout, I saw her standing there, hello little girl, p. s. I love you and other songs which I can't think of right now. But his band's made up of kind of punkish guys from liverpool. The guitar player reminded me a bit of joe strummer and the lead singer screams very nicely. The bass player is a bit older and doesn't play a hofner bass..but actually did sound like paul (not that he was trying to). Another neat thing I noticed was that they used Vox amps (which was what the beatles usually used and paul's first amp was a vox..yeah.) Oh and there's actually two drummers.. both pete and roag best, but they both drum away so there was some pretty awesome drumming going on (he was certainly a betterd drummer than ringo by far, but i've always said that). Anyway, so I got a copy of his book (well he didn't write it, Roag Best did), but it's got all this rare stuff i've not seen from his collection of stuff. It's a nice hard cover book and is like 200 pages long and it wasn't expensive. But he also signed a lovely photograph I brought with me of him and Paul. When I gave it to him I was like "You look very handsome in this photo sir.." him: (turns a bit red) "Oh...thank you".. me: "This is you at the Cavern club.. but well you probably know that.." and he's like "Yeah, but i'm suprised you'd know that!"

So, that was cool.. but my friend got the drumsticks he played with, and he signed them (gah! she always has to one up me.)

Anyway, here's the picture he signed:

Image hosted by

^^ As you can see you wouldn't know where he was unless you just knew from studying the beatles. But that's such a nice picture of them, because paul's got his hand on pete *aww*. You'd think that pete would dislike the beatles, but he hasn't got anything against them. He wound up getting paid for anthology and he said at the concert "Well, i went through that money already though, but oh well!" haha.

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